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7 Box Packing Tips When Hiring Professional Movers

Packing Moving Boxes

If you are using professional movers to move your items choosing the right packing materials and packing boxes properly is important to transport items safely as well as make your move go smoothly and quickly. Professional local movers in Chicago charge by the hour so it’s in your best interest to make things easy to be moved. The main reason boxed items are damaged is because of not packing properly. Moving companies typically will not be liable for anything damaged inside boxes unless they did the packing. Following are 7 tips for packing boxes when hiring professional movers.

1) Decide What You Need To Move

Taking time to plan ahead will make moving less stressful. Decide as much in advance as you can before your move to determine what you need to take or want to part with. Moving is a great time to get rid of unwanted items. Local moving in Chicago is charged by the hour so moving only what you need will save time and money. For the items you don’t want to move consider hosting a garage sale or donating them. Once you have determined what you will be moving you can plan for materials.

2) Purchase Boxes and Packing Materials

It’s tempting to try to cut costs by utilizing free or inexpensive boxes and packing materials. Used boxes may not be sturdy enough. Order moving boxes in a few different sizes rather than assembling a hodgepodge of assorted boxes. Uniform box sizes work best as they will be stacked and arranged in a cube when packing the truck – it’s like putting together the pieces of a puzzle. When they are similar sizes they are easier to stack and utilize space more efficiently. It also makes it easier for the boxes to be transported to and out of the truck. You will also need good tape, packing paper and possibly bubble wrap. Don’t use newspaper to wrap items to avoid getting ink on them. Also, resist the urge to pack items in plastic bags. Since bags are not sturdy it places other items in the truck at risk as the bags can cause the load to shift around. Using good boxes and packing materials makes moving easier, faster, and protects your items better which means a greater cost savings in the long run.

3) Pack Items In the Correct Size Box

Be sure to pack items in the right size box. Heavy items, such as books, should go in the smallest boxes to make them easy to carry. Lighter items, such as linens, can go in bigger boxes. Most boxes should be small and medium. Don’t try to pack as much as possible into the largest size boxes to use as few boxes as possible. They will take more time to move as they will be hard to lift, could compromise the stability of the box or cause the mover to get hurt.

4) Pack Boxes Full and Taped Closed

Pack the boxes full but don’t over stuff. If the box has extra room in it, it could cave under the weight of other items in the truck or items in the box can shift around. If it is overstuffed it might not be able to be stacked safely. The top of the box should close and be taped shut (also put tape across the seam on the bottom of the box). If a box, or any other container, is left open it limits where it can be placed in the truck as it can’t have anything stacked on it. This takes more time for items to be organized in the truck.

5) Label Boxes

Clearly label the top and several sides of boxes with a marker in large letters identifying which room they will go in at your new home so the movers can quickly know where to take them. Be sure to consolidate fragile items together in boxes and label fragile. If there are any special instructions such as “this end up” be sure to label those as well. For your ease label “open first” any boxes that have items you will need to use immediately so you know which to unpack first.

6) Don't Pack Items That Shouldn't Be Transported In the Truck

For the safety of your items, don’t pack any items that are hazardous. Do not pack important documents, money, jewelry, medicine or other valuables. These should be taken with you not boxed to go on the moving truck.

7) Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute to Pack

For the least amount of stress it’s best to start well ahead of time and aim to pack a little each day. Start with things you use the least, like a storage area. Plan on packing items used every day last. All packing should be done before moving day. If overwhelmed with packing let your mover know right away so they can try to make arrangements to help if necessary. If you don’t want to deal with packing at all, let them know when you schedule your move to schedule packing services as well.

These packing tips should help your move with professional movers go efficiently. Always remember, if it fits in a box it’s best to box it. If you need professional packing services for your move in Chicago contact us at Under One Roof.

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