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Moving to Lakeview Chicago, IL Neighborhood Guide

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Moving to Lakeview Chicago, IL Neighborhood Guide

Are you ready to embark on a new chapter in the vibrant and captivating neighborhood of Lakeview, Chicago? As your trusted Lakeview moving company, we understand that moving goes beyond just relocating belongings; it's about embracing a fresh lifestyle and community. Nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan, Lakeview boasts a unique blend of urban excitement and lakeside tranquility. In this comprehensive neighborhood guide, we're thrilled to provide you with essential insights, hidden gems, and local tips that will ensure your transition to Lakeview is as seamless as it is exhilarating. Whether you're drawn to the lively entertainment scene, the picturesque parks, or the diverse culinary landscape, Lakeview has something to offer for everyone. So, let's dive in and discover the magic that awaits in this remarkable Chicago neighborhood!

Lakeview History and Overview

The neighborhood's origins can be traced back to the early 19th century when settlers from Germany, Sweden, and Luxembourg turned the area America's celery capitol. In 1854 the Lakeview House (hotel) was built as a resort for potential investors in the area land. Wealthy investors bought land in the Eastern area as a retreat from the city, while new railroad lines brought suburban development.

Lakeview's increasing settlement lead to its incorporation as a city in 1887. In 1889 Lakeview was annexed to Chicago. Commercial districts and recreation facilities such as a new ballpark, later known as Wrigley Field, attracted more residents and visitors. Developers eventually built apartment buildings for those residents, such as single people and childless families, who couldn't afford the homes of the wealthier residents.

Concerned by the changing families and architecture, Lakeview made efforts to preserve its historical character. In the latter half of the 20th century, Lakeview, like many urban neighborhoods, experienced gentrification and urban renewal. These processes led to changes in demographics, increased property values, and the development of upscale businesses and housing.

Today, Lakeview stands as a bustling and diverse neighborhood, offering a mix of cultural institutions, restaurants, bars, theaters, and residential areas. Its history is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of Chicago's neighborhoods, where the past and present coexist, shaping a vibrant and thriving community.

What is it Like to Live in Lakeview?

Lakeview's real estate landscape offers a diverse array of housing choices, from vintage apartments and condos exuding classic Chicago charm, to modern high-rise condominiums boasting contemporary amenities. The neighborhood features beautifully preserved brownstones and luxury townhomes for those seeking refined living spaces, along with lakefront properties offering stunning views of Lake Michigan. With options ranging from the iconic Wrigleyville area to the bustling Southport Corridor, Lakeview caters to various preferences, making it a sought-after destination for individuals and families alike looking to embrace the dynamic urban lifestyle it provides.

  • According to Redfin, as of September 2023, the average home price is $447K, up 4% compared to last year.

  • RentCafe states that the average apartment rent is $1,925 which is 13% lower than the Chicago average rent of $2,215.

  • 62.1% of Lakeview residents are renters while 37.9% are homeowners.

  • Lakeview has a Walk Score of 91 making it a walker's paradise. Its Transit Score is 79 and Bike Score is 88.

  • According to Niche, Lakeview is the 9th best neighborhood for young professionals, the 8th best neighborhood to raise a family, and the 7th best neighborhood to live in Chicago. Its overall Niche grade is A+.

  • The population is 103,050 per the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

  • The median age is approximately 31.8.

  • The median household income is $95,173.

  • Niche gives Lakeview a grade of B- for crime and safety.

Lakeview Chicago Location

Lakeview is located four miles North of downtown Chicago. It is a community area divided into the smaller areas of Lakeview East and West Lakeview, each of which contain smaller neighborhoods. The neighborhoods of Lakeview East include Northalsted, Sheridan Station Corridor, and Wrigleyville. The neighborhoods of West Lakeview include Southport Corridor. Nearby neighborhoods include Buena Park, Lincoln Park, Lincoln Square, North Center, Ravenswood, and Uptown.

The boundaries of the Lakeview community area are the Northern boundary 4400 North (Montrose Avenue) and 4000 North (Irving Park Road), the Southern boundary 2800 North (Diversey Parkway), the Western boundary 1800 West (Ravenswood Avenue), and the Eastern boundary runs along Lake Michigan. The Lakeview zip codes are 60657, 60613, and 60614.

Lakeview is rated A- by Niche for commute and has excellent transit with a Transit Score of 79. The CTA Brown Line, Purple Line, and Red Line all have stops in Lakeview. The Brown Line has four stops in Lakeview at Wellington, Belmont, Southport, and Paulina, as well as Diversey and Addison just outside of Lakeview. The Red Line has three stops at Belmont, Addison, and Sheridan. The Purple Line has two stops at Wellington and Belmont, as well as Diversey just outside of Lakeview. Several bus routes also run through the area. To downtown Chicago, it takes approximately 30 minutes by car and 30 minutes by public transportation. Lakeview is a very bikeable neighborhood. Parking in Lakeview is mainly by meter or parking permit, so parking is at a premium and difficult.

Map of Lakeview, Chicago, IL

Lakeview Restaurants

Welcome to the gastronomic haven of Lakeview, where culinary delights and flavors from around the world converge to create a dining scene like no other. Lakeview's diverse restaurants offer a tantalizing journey through a tapestry of tastes waiting to be savored. From charming cafes serving up artisanal treats to upscale eateries redefining classic dishes, join us as we explore the neighborhood's top-notch dining establishments. Each dish tells a unique story that adds to the colorful narrative of Lakeview. Whether you're a food enthusiast or simply looking for your new favorite spot, get ready to awaken your taste buds and discover the culinary treasures that await you in Lakeview!

Long time neighborhood staple for Mexican favorites and margaritas.

Charming neighborhood spot for Southern Italian-inspired cuisine including wood-fired Neapolitan pizza, handmade pasta, and house-cured meats.

Casual and comfortable family-friendly favorite for American comfort food, particularly rotisserie. Popular for weekend brunch.

Mediterranean-inspired cuisine with a focus on small plates and shareable dishes in a stylish and modern atmosphere. Diverse menu includes vegetable dishes, pizza, pasta, and more to pair with wine or cocktails.

Casual spot known for its farm-to-table approach, emphasizing locally-sourced ingredients with a menu featuring American dishes made from fresh and sustainable products.

Cozy seafood-focused restaurant known for its Spanish seafood dishes, such as Spanish tortilla and Cantabrian anchovies.

Sleek restaurant featuring elevated Vietnamese cuisine with an attention to finer details in dishes, such as shaking beef and Saigon pho.

Well-known Argentinian steakhouse featuring various cuts of grilled beef and meat along with pastas and other entrees.

Sleek Kurdish restaurant featuring classic dishes. Breakfast is not to be missed.

New casual Thai eatery specializing in food inspired by the Isan region of Thailand. BYOB.

Lakeview Bars

Welcome to Lakeview's vibrant bar scene, where the clinking of glasses and the hum of conversations create an electric atmosphere every night. Lakeview boasts a diverse array of bars, each with its own unique charm and offerings, ensuring that there's a perfect spot for everyone seeking a memorable night out. From cozy neighborhood pubs where you can unwind with a craft beer to cocktail lounges that set the stage for unforgettable evenings, Lakeview's bars are the heart and soul of its nightlife.

Craft beer bar known for its extensive selection of craft beers, many of which are from local breweries.

Scottish pub known for its extensive Scotch whisky menu, as well as a menu featuring Scottish-inspired dishes, such as banger and mash and fish and chips.

Sophisticated cocktail lounge serving upscale cocktails and cold small bites in an underwater-themed stylish ambience featuring saltwater fish tanks.

Popular establishment known for its extensive craft beer selection and welcoming outdoor beer garden. Food menu features pub food and barbeque.

Irish pub known for its upscale ambiance, literary theme, and wide selection of drinks and pub fare.

Popular sports bar known for its Wisconsin Northwoods-inspired decor, extensive beer selection, and a friendly, sports-loving atmosphere. Food menu includes Wisconsin favorites such a cheese curds, brats, and a Friday fish fry.

Lakeview Breweries and Distilleries

Brewery featuring a rotating selection of craft beers brewed on-site, covering a wide range of styles, including IPAs and saisons. Pub menu to complement their beer includes pizza, burgers, and more.

Lakeview Coffee Shops hop-centric ales, as well as other brews paired with pub food offerings.

Distillery producing a range of artisanal spirits, including whiskey, gin, and liqueurs.

Lakeview Coffee Shops

Funky Industrial space for drip coffee, coffee drinks, and pastries.

Cafe featuring open-faced sandwiches and baked goods to go along with their coffee.

Sleek high-end coffee shop featuring coffee and tea.

Unique Places to Shop in Lakeview

Whether you're hunting for the perfect outfit, seeking one-of-a-kind home decor, or looking for that ideal gift, Lakeview's shopping scene promises to satisfy your every desire. Get ready to embark on a shopping adventure that will leave you with bags full of treasures and a heart full of joy!

New boutique featuring jewelry and accessories with a bold, bohemian style.

Gift shop featuring artisan-crafted goods.

Cool thrift shop with clothing, furniture, and other items.

Carefully curated clothing boutique with high end fashion without the high prices.

Music and Theater Venues in Lakeview

Welcome to Lakeview's vibrant cultural scene, where music and theater enthusiasts are treated to a rich tapestry of performances and live entertainment. Lakeview is a treasure trove of artistic experiences, offering a diverse range of music venues and theaters that cater to every taste and passion. Lakeview is home to the Belmont Theater District with over 20 theaters, making it the largest theater district in Chicago. From intimate venues that transport you to another era to dynamic theaters showcasing cutting-edge productions, Lakeview is where the arts come alive.

Intimate live theater venue.

Iconic music venue hosting a variety of indie and alternative bands.

Historic movie theater showing a diverse selection of films, including arthouse releases and cult classics.

Music venue located in a refurbished historic building featuring a diverse variety of bands.

Historic venue hosting a variety of musicians and other performers.

Outdoor Activities in Lakeview

State of the art modern golf experience.

Park adjacent to Wrigley Field featuring a variety of events and activities such as movies, concerts, yoga, markets, and more.

Lakefront Trail

Part of the 18.5 miles long shared-use path for cycling, walking, skating, and jogging runs through Lakeview along the lakeshore.

Popular 1188.62 acre park, part of which runs through Lakeview along the lakeshore. Amenities in the Lakeview area include Lincoln Park-Diversey Natural Area, Belmont Harbor, and Belmont Harbor Dog Beach.

Nine-hole golf course along the shores of Lake Michigan.

Home to the Chicago Cubs, Chicago's beloved baseball team whether they win or lose. The stadium also features concerts.

Lakeview Grocery Stores

Gyms in Lakeview

Lakeview Dry Cleaning

Lakeview Post Office

Other Helpful Information

As you prepare to embark on your journey to Lakeview, remember that moving isn't just about changing your location; it's about embracing a new way of life. Whether you're captivated by Lakeview's scenic beauty, its vibrant culture, or its friendly atmosphere, we're here to make your transition effortless and enjoyable. Let us be your trusted companions in making Lakeview your cherished home. Reach out to our Lakeview Movers today and start this exciting chapter of your life with confidence.

Blog authored by Michelle Mathena, President of Under One Roof, a local moving company in Chicago. Michelle has over 20 years of experience in the moving industry. Under One Roof has had thousands of satisfied customers since 1982.

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