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Moving to Avondale Chicago, IL Neighborhood Guide

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Moving to Avondale Chicago, IL Neighborhood Guide

Are you planning a move to the vibrant Avondale neighborhood in Chicago, Illinois? As a trusted Avondale moving company, we understand the importance of a smooth and hassle-free relocation experience. That's why we've put together this comprehensive guide to assist you in your move to Avondale. According to Time Out Avondale ranks 16th as one of the coolest neighborhoods in the world. Known for its unique character, diverse community, and convenient location on Chicago's northwest side, Avondale offers a wealth of opportunities for residents. Whether you're seeking a thriving urban environment, a tight-knit community, or a combination of both, Avondale has something for everyone. Join us as we explore the housing options, local amenities, transportation networks, schools, and community highlights that make Avondale an exceptional place to call home.

Avondale History and Overview

The origins of Avondale can be traced back to the establishment of the Polish community in the late 19th century. Polish immigrants began to settle in the area, attracted by job opportunities in nearby factories and industrial plants. The neighborhood became a center for Polish culture and community life, with Polish churches, schools, and businesses emerging.

One of the significant developments in Avondale's history was the construction of the Milwaukee Road railroad in the late 19th century. The railroad played a crucial role in facilitating the transportation of goods and people, further stimulating industrial growth in the neighborhood.

Avondale's industrialization continued throughout the early 20th century, with factories and manufacturing plants springing up in the area. These industries provided employment opportunities for local residents and contributed to the neighborhood's growth. Some notable businesses in Avondale during this time included the Brach's Candy factory and the Weber Grill factory.

During the mid-20th century, Avondale experienced demographic shifts as Polish families moved out of the neighborhood and were replaced by new waves of immigrants, including Mexican and Puerto Rican communities. This cultural diversity brought new flavors, traditions, and businesses to the area.

In recent years, Avondale has undergone significant revitalization efforts and has become a popular residential destination. The neighborhood has seen an increase in the development of new housing, as well as the restoration of historic buildings. Avondale's proximity to downtown Chicago, along with its diverse population and vibrant dining scene, has contributed to its appeal for residents and visitors alike.

Overall, the history of Avondale reflects the story of a neighborhood shaped by industrialization, immigration, and cultural diversity. It continues to evolve while retaining its rich heritage and sense of community.

What is it Like to Live in Avondale?

Avondale offers a diverse range of housing options to accommodate different lifestyles.

It features a mix of single-family homes, multi-unit buildings such as two-flats and three-flats, low-rise apartment buildings, and newer condominiums.

  • According to Redfin, as of September 2023, the average home price was $453K, down 6.6% compared to last year.

  • Rentcafe states that the average apartment rent is $1,285 which is 42% lower than the Chicago average rent of $2,215.

  • 57.5% of Avondale residents are renters while 42.5% are homeowners.

  • Avondale has a Walk Score of 87 making it very walkable. Its Transit Score is 68 and Bike Score is 80.

  • According to Niche, Avondale is the 31st best neighborhood for young professionals and the 41st best neighborhood to raise a family in Chicago. Its overall Niche grade is B+.

  • The population is 36,257 per the Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning.

  • The median age is 33.6.

  • The median household income is 73,616.

Avondale Chicago Location

Avondale is located Northwest of downtown Chicago. Nearby neighborhoods include Logan Square, Irving Park, North Center, and Roscoe Village. The boundaries of the Avondale neighborhood are the Northern boundary Addison Street (3600 North) from the Chicago River on the East to Pulaski Road (3200 West) on the West; then from Belmont Avenue (3200 North) to the Union Pacific/Northwest Line on the West, the Southern boundary Diversey Parkway (2800 North) from the Chicago River on the East to the Union Pacific/Northwest Line on the West. The Avondale zip code is 60618.

Avondale is rated A- by Niche for commute and has good transit with a Transit Score of 68. The Kennedy Expressway runs through Avondale making a convenient commute by car to downtown Chicago or the Northern or Northwest suburbs. The CTA Blue Line has two stops in Avondale at Belmont and Addison, as well as buses. To downtown Chicago, it takes approximately 30 minutes by car and 40 minutes by train. Avondale is a very bikeable neighborhood

Map of Avondale, Chicago, IL

Avondale Restaurants

Avondale offers a vibrant and diverse restaurant scene that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences. From cozy neighborhood eateries to trendy dining establishments, Avondale has something for everyone. The area is known for its rich cultural heritage, and this is reflected in the variety of cuisines available. Whether you're craving authentic Mexican tacos, hearty Polish pierogis, or innovative fusion dishes, Avondale's restaurants are sure to satisfy your appetite.

Irish pub offering a menu of Irish and American comfort food, with a focus on hearty dishes and traditional pub fare. Some popular menu items include fish and chips, shepherd's pie, corned beef and cabbage, and bangers and mash.

American seasonal cuisine with a focus on high quality, locally sourced ingredients including those grown in their own greenhouse. The continuously evolving menu features favorites such as lamb meatballs al forno and pork tagliatelle.

Known for its delicious fried chicken and unique honey butter topping. The menu includes sides such as pimento mac and cheese and vegetarian friendly options such as fried tofu strips.

Heavy metal-themed burger joint known for its unique burger creations, named after heavy metal bands, incorporating high-quality ingredients and interesting flavor combinations. Popular choices include the "Iron Maiden" topped with avocado, cherry peppers, pepper jack, chipotle mayo, lettuce, tomato and red onion, as well as the "Plague Bringer" featuring crushed garlic, house-made hot sauce, pepper jack, jalapenos, tortilla strips, and roasted garlic mayo.

Menu features Argentinian and Italian specialties inspired by the owner's family such as provoleta, empanadas, milanesa, and pizzas.

Award-winning Korean restaurant featuring a short menu of exceptionally prepared dishes such as pork bossam and golbaengi muchim.

Features a wide range of classic Polish dishes, including pierogi, polish sausage, stuffed cabbage, and potato pancakes.

Taqueria Mazamitla

Casual taco joint serving Mexican breakfast, lunch and dinner favorites.

Avondale Bars

From neighborhood pubs to hip cocktail lounges, Avondale offers a range of options for those looking to enjoy a night out. The area has seen a resurgence in recent years, with new bars and breweries popping up, adding to the neighborhood's charm. Whether you're a craft beer enthusiast, a cocktail connoisseur, or simply seeking a laid-back spot to grab a drink with friends, Avondale has you covered.

Dungeon & Dragons inspired bar with board games and retro video games.

Tavern featuring a vintage bar inside and a 3,500 square foot patio outside with a covered bar.

Combines elements of a neighborhood dive bar with a focus on craft cocktails.

Casual bar featuring a rotating selection of cocktails and high-quality bar food.

Neighborhood dive bar which offers cans of Hamm's beer with a shot of whiskey as well as craft beers. They host karaoke and other events.

Bar and grill offering a variety of Irish whiskeys, beers, and craft cocktails.

Avondale Breweries and Distilleries

Family-run craft distillery specializing in whiskey. The tasting room features whiskey flights and whiskey cocktails, along with bottles available for purchase.

Brewery specializing in brewing German-style lagers. The taproom features a riverside patio. Dog-friendly!

Sample the diverse brews from this popular Chicago brewery in a German beer hall-inspired taproom.

Avondale Coffee Shops

Colorful Dark Matter coffee shop with a focus on Mexican flavors, including chocolate-based drinks.

Coffee shop with sweet and savory snacks, such as empanadas.

Coffee shop featuring locally roasted sustainably-sourced coffee.

Horror-theme coffee shop.

Unique Places to Shop in Avondale

Records and other collectibles.

Record and book store specializing in horror, science fiction and fantasy book genres.

Thrift shop.

Store specializing in alternative clothing and accessories such as punk, goth, and heavy metal.

Home decor store.

Art, Music, and Theater Venues in Avondale

Community art center that features performances and exhibits.

Features a variety of cultural programs, performances, exhibits, and events.

Live music venue.

Insect art.

Outdoor Activities in Avondale

Other Things to do in Avondale

21 and over retro bowling alley serving craft cocktails and other drinks.

Grocery Stores in Avondale, Chicago

Carniceria Guanajuato

Kurowski Sausage Shop

Gyms in Avondale

Rock climbing gym.

Dry Cleaners in Avondale, Chicago


Avondale Post Office

Other Helpful Information

We hope this neighborhood guide to Avondale, Chicago, IL, has been helpful in giving you a glimpse of of the community. Trust our experienced team of Avondale Movers to help you navigate your move to Avondale smoothly, so you can start enjoying all the wonderful amenities and opportunities this neighborhood has to offer. Call Under One Roof today at 773-472-5784 for a free moving estimate.

Blog authored by Michelle Mathena, President of Under One Roof, a local moving company in Chicago. Michelle has over 20 years of experience in the moving industry. Under One Roof has had thousands of satisfied customers since 1982.

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